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The Connecticut Employees Union Independent began in 1967 when Salvatore Perrucio started an Independent Union with 350 members from the Connecticut Valley Hospital. From that small beginning, CEUI grew to over 8,000 employees in the 1980’s that covered all corners of the State with members in nearly every State agency. In 1977, the union was able to negotiate and win the “Master Contract”.....

Founded in 1967, Connecticut Employees Union Independent is a member-run organization of over 7,000 active and retired blue-collar maintenance and service State workers. CEUI members can be found at every State facility. We cook, clean, repair, maintain, and deliver in Connecticut’s State buildings, hospitals, campuses, airports, roads, bridges, and parks. Our mission is to work together to continually improve the quality of life for all working families through collective bargaining, workplace representation, and political action.

Connecticut Essential Worker COVID-19 Relief

If you are an essential worker who was affected by COVID-19 during the pandemic we invite you to apply for financial relief from the new Connecticut Essential Worker COVID-19 Assistance Fund.

Executive Board

2023 Golf Tournament

Dear CEUI Brothers and Sisters,
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Public Service Announcement from Governor Lamont and members of UConn Health Labor Coalition.

In Solidarity,
Carl Chisem

Pandemic Pay Portal Now Live!

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CEUI is on the Frontlines for Working Families



Who We Are

Carl Chisem, President

Michael Ercoli, Vice President​

Leslie Maddocks, Secretary-Treasurer

Tina Griffith, Trustee
Karen Martin, Trustee
Greg Graham, Trustee

Les Archer, Trustee

Mark Negralle, Trustee