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Fall 2022 Newsletter

 NP-2 Custodians Packed the UConn Town Hall on Thursday,
November 17th, 2022

NP-2 Custodians had the opportunity to address President Maric and Mike Jednak directly about the decision to replace NP-2 Custodial Staff with C&W contracting staff in the Athletics Department in August, displacing 24 dedicated hardworking union members from the third shift to the first shift across the campus.

Union members packed the room and stood in solidarity to address the rumors of further reduction of NP-2 custodial positions and shifts, the cost of parking, the lack of equipment and supplies, and how they are expected to do more with less every day. CEUI raised the issue that many NP-2 departments see a reduction in positions, vacancies are not being filled, and jobs are being performed more and more with student labor.  

Members talked about their long-term commitment to UConn and how they were once treated with dignity and respect, but not anymore. They spoke of how they were concerned if their jobs would be there ten years from now. They talked of how the students, faculty, and staff all have written letters of recognition for their hard work and dedication to UConn. Union members spoke about winning the Team Spirit Award for excellence in service, but now feel their jobs are not secure.     

President Maric listened and promised to work towards a solution but stressed that we must go to our legislators and demand that they fully fund our colleges and universities in Connecticut. Our legislators need to understand that budget cuts are hurting our students and staff, and the importance of a dedicated public service workforce to our community.  The NP-2 Custodial Staff packed the room to demand that President Maric and Mike Jednak treat the NP-2 custodians with respect and dignity because they are committed to the success and well-being of every single person at UConn.

ALL NP-2 Union Members across all college and university campuses are feeling the stress of budget cuts. We need members to join us at the state capitol to address our concerns, and fully fund higher education recognizing the dedication and excellence of our NP-2 public service workforce.

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