We have received a lot of calls from members concerned they were going to be subject to the new Connecticut Paid Family Leave Program tax that begins in January 2021. Unionized employees of the State of Connecticut and employees of the federal government, a local or regional board of education, or a non-public elementary or secondary school, are not covered under this program and therefore no tax is applied. Unionized State employees would only be subject to this tax if it was negotiated into a collective bargaining agreement.
If you have further questions about this program for your family or friends who may be included in this program, you can visit the CT Paid Family Leave page at https://ctpaidleave.org/s/?language=en_US  


Founded in 1967, Connecticut Employees Union Independent is a member run organization of over 7,000 active and retired blue collar maintenance and service State workers. CEUI members can be found at every State facility. We cook, clean, repair, maintain and deliver in Connecticut’s State buildings, hospitals, campuses, airports, roads, bridges, and parks. Our mission is to work together to continually improve the quality of life for all working families through collective bargaining, workplace representation, and political action.


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While we appreciate that the Governor has accepted the demand presented by the Board of Education Union Coalition to develop a school-based vaccine rollout for our education community, we are deeply concerned that other essential workers who have continued to risk their health and the health of their family members remain left behind in the Administration’s age-based rollout.

How can the Governor forget about the DOT road maintainers, social workers, on-site higher education teachers, and nearly 12,000 other dedicated public service employees -- not to mention our private sector counterparts, like grocery store workers, manufacturing workers, and delivery drivers and many others -- who, for the past year, have selflessly endured health and safety risks to provide essential services to the people of Connecticut in our collective time of need?

We urge the Governor to continue to fight to put as many vaccines as possible  into the arms of Connecticut workers and residents, but we encourage prioritization of the dedicated essential workers who have worked throughout the pandemic to  include all of the dedicated essential workers who have worked through the pandemic to provide vital services to Connecticut’s residents.

Drew Phelan, February 22

The Connecticut Employees Union Independent began in 1967 when Salvatore Perrucio started an Independent Union with 350 members from the Connecticut Valley Hospital. From that small beginning, CEUI grew to over 8,000 employees in the 1980’s that covered all corners of the State with members in nearly every State agency. In 1977, the union was able to negotiate and win the “Master Contract”.....

Dear CEUI Brothers and Sisters,
Please click the video above to see an important

Public Service Announcement from Governor Lamont and members of UConn Health Labor Coalition.

In Solidarity,
Carl Chisem

​CEUI will be pushing for work zone safety enforcement legislation in this

General Assembly session.

SEBAC Responds to Governor's Age-Based Vaccine Rollout

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